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Success Stories & Service Spotlights

Share your Wellbeing experience and successes

Do you have a success story you want to share around weight loss, healthy eating, fitness, finances, career or any other element of wellbeing?

Please send a short summary to and please indicate that you would like your summary posted on the LSR7 Employee Wellbeing website.

My personality is such that I would not regularly visit a Dr. unless required to do so.  Our annual health care check has provided regular feedback that I absolutely needed to hear, and it would not have happened if I was not required to make that visit every year.  –Kelly Twenter, Miller Park Principal

Chris and I completed the Heartland 30K Series in September.  It was Chris’ second year and my fourth year.  The series is 3, 10K races in 3 weeks to include the Plaza 10K, Dot to Dot 10K and finally Broadway Bridge 10K. –Jennifer Lalumondier,  Purchasing and Distribution Services

District Sponsored Health Coaching-In the summer of 2016 I weighed 185 pounds. I am not big boned. I am not tall. I was miserable. The school district kept on sending me emails about these “health coaches” they had available for FREE! So I decided to try it. I went in and met Kyle and we started to talk about health goals and fitness ideas. I dropped a little weight but not any significant amount. In our monthly meetings he would ask me questions that helped me realize how unhappy I was. Not just with my weight but with everything I was doing in life. I won’t say they were always pleasant meetings but they were significant! They got me ready to make some life changes. Luckily, we decided my family could stay…hahaha! After experimenting with a few weight loss plans and failing, Kyle suggested that Weight Watchers might be a good fit for me. So March 6th of 2017 I started online WW and it was amazing. I went from 179 pounds to 152 pounds in three months! I’ve lost an additional 12 pounds since I got to Hazel Grove. I highly recommend the health coaching available through the district. I’ve been thinner before but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am now. I have the coaching information posted above the microwaves in the workroom. Here are some before/after pics so you know it’s REAL! No photoshop here…- Deb Jenkins, Hazel Grove Elementary

I wanted to share a HUGE success story with you. 

Brenda Yates works in the cafeteria at our school. About four years ago, she and I participated in a Dave Ramsey book study. We kept each other motivated that first year. Then, Brenda took off on her own. Using Dave Ramsey’s principles–in just four years–she has paid off a camper, a truck, a van, all her credit card debt and she has remodeled her kitchen and made payments on her mortgage principle. She hopes to have her home paid off and be debt-free in two years. Knowing Brenda, she’ll do it!  Totally amazing!Kristi Mann, Counselor at Mason Elementary

Way to go Hazel Grove Elementary! The “Calm Corner” you have designed for your team is an excellent way to take care

of the staff at HGE.

Nice work Miller Park!  The Zen Zone space you created is an excellent space for students to take a mindful moment and reset!


You ROCKED it Hawthorn Hill, thanks for taking care of your staff!

Thanks for creating the “Zen Den” for your team to engage in a little self-care Nutrition Services!

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